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Gyoseishoshi can help you!

From your everyday life, to running a new business, ”Gyoseishoshi” can help you obtain various kinds of permits, licenses or authorization from the Governmental Authorities (such as the Immigration Bureau). ”Gyoseishoshi” are authorized personnel, who are allowed to be your representative. They will not only prepare the documents for you, but also hand them in, and also be your advisory staff to guide you through the procedures all the way, and will help you with aftercare.
 日々の生活上で…。また、新しいビジネスを起こしたいとき…。行政書士は、あなたが入国管理局他の官公署から様々な 許可、認可、営業許可等を得る上で、お手伝いしています。行政書士は多くの場合、あなたに替わって手続・申請を行うことを認められています。各種申請書類を用意するだけでなく、あなたの良きアドバイザーとして手続全般に関わり、その後のケアでもお役に立ちます。

A Guide to Japanese Immigration Procedures

Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence
A Certificate of Eligibility is issued before a visa application by a regional immigration bureau in Japan. If a foreign national submits a visa application (for example, working visa or spouse visa) to an embassy or consulate of Japan together with a Certificate of Eligibility, he/she will be able to obtain a visa in a shorter time than applicants without such a certificate.
A proxy (such as employer, spouse or relative) of a foreign national can also apply for a certificate of eligibility to the Immigration Bureau in Japan.
Extension of the Period of Stay
All foreign residents are allowed to stay in Japan within the limits of the permitted period granted at the time of entry. If you wish to extend this period, procedures to extend the period of stay must be completed within two months, but before the expiry of the current period of stay.

Changing Status of Residence
If a foreign resident wishes to terminate involvement in his/her activities to date, and engage in activities other than those specified by his/her current status of residence, he/she must first obtain permission for a change in status of residence. No undertaking of additional activities is allowed without obtaining visa compliance.

Activities outside the scope of your status of residence
If a foreign resident wishes to engage in activities other than those permitted by his/her current residential status, which may earn extra income or rewards, permission for such activities must be obtained in advance.

Acquisition of Status of Residence
This permission is required when a foreign resident stays in Japan without going through entry procedures (for example, when a foreign baby was born in Japan or a person renounced Japanese nationality) and wishes to remain in Japan more than 60 days after the occurrence of the matter.

Permission for Permanent Residence
If a foreign resident wishes to reside in Japan permanently, he/she can apply this permission with some conditions.
日本の在留資格一覧 (Statuses of Residence in Japan)

English / 中文 / PORTUGUÊS / 韓國語 / 事務所紹介 Office Profile
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