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Japan Investment
Whether you are establishing a company or purchasing real estate, we offer professional advice on legal matters and property investments. In Nagoya, home to many of the world's leading companies, a wealth of opportunities will help you to develop your business.
Japan Visa
10 year experience as professional immigration lawyer, our proposal is always personalized and specialized. Our advice is “Look, before you leap.” Once applying, you are recorded and it often makes difficult to apply again. Please ask professionals before you make some actions.
Providing personalized relocation services such as home finding, international school for kids, and any kinds of visa support, you can easily start a new life.We help employee make a brand new start.
China Visa
Within 15-day stay in sightseeing, business, visiting family, or just passing, you should NOT hold visa. The other opportunities, or over 15-day stay, you should have visa in China. Please ask us details.
Labor Management
As an experienced Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant, we support from salary calculation to making contracts, including contract of employment, labor regulations. We also help you proceeding documents of social insurance labor insurance, subvention.
  About us

Not only as an immigration lawyer, Nagoya International Solicitor Office works on international labor management, enterprise's internationalization, and investing Japan.. We are proud that since 1998 we have supported many foreign employing companies, technical intern training of supervising organizations, and other foreign based enterprises especially China.
    We would like to help customer's effective operation on the side of immigration, and international labor management. Please do not hesitate to ask us compliance and globalization.

Thank you
   Our Support

1. Investing Japan; company establishment, Japanese branch establishment
2. Visa; business manager visa, residence visa, intra-company transferee, stay visa
3. Technical Intern Training visa from entering Japan to leaving Japan
4. Labor management in Japanese and Chinese
5. Advice and suggestion for Human Resources, Labor management section about Japanese and other employees
6. Social insurance, labor insurance, and subsidies
7. Support for real estate investment
8. China visa accuisition
  Your Merit

1. Long time experience and know-how, we solved many troubles relating to immigration law and international operations including investing Japan, foreign employees in Japan.
2. Labor management that let foreign employees get into new system, preventing labor trouble, and compromise if any, needed. 
3. Quickly support with staff who can use English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. We also translate, interpret in ourselves.     
4. 4 min. on foot from L4 exit in Lucent Avenue